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The aim of these regulations is to define the conditions of access, rights and obligations for the participation of potential entrepreneurs in the ASA – ANJE Start-up Accelerator in the context of PIP – Project Innovation Portugal, promoted by ANJE – the National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, and co-financed under the scope of Notice 01/SIAC/2010, SYSTEM OF SUPPORT FOR COLLECTIVE ACTIONS.


  1. Encourage the emergence of start-ups in areas of high technological intensity;
  2. Encourage and support technology-based entrepreneurial activity, namely through the creation of new technology-based companies in Portugal, with potential for internationalisation in all areas;
  3. Promote and support entrepreneurship within the academic community, creating and/or strengthening conditions for the promotion of a culture focused on innovation in general and technological innovation in particular, and raising the awareness of young people to the advantages of self-employment;
  4. Stimulate the promotion, creation and revitalisation of networking, with national and international projection, bringing together different stakeholders and encouraging and catalysing opportunities for systematic and multi-disciplinary cooperation;
  5. Identify, test and implement tools that allow the start-ups to acquire maturity and sustainability through the implementation of internal processes of innovation.